School Wedgie AP

Take this quiz, and you will find out if you are the bullies prey at school. You might be, or you might be the bully. You might even watch from the sidelines!

Find out your results, but also find out what wedgie the bullies will normally give you! OR if YOU are the bully, possibly find out what wedgies Enjoy this quiz!

Created by: STITCH

  1. When you wake up, have the bullies already gotten to you? If so, where are you?
  2. Next, where do the bullies bring you?
  3. Time for gym class...
  4. Recess time...
  5. Home
  6. Night time
  8. What wedgie do you usually get?
  9. What wedgie is the most painful?
  10. How long are you usually in a wedgie for?

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