Royals. [Lyrics Must Complete it]

sorry fo me guys i have nothin to type im really sorry sory this question is what eva idk how i wrote this idk really rd lol haha good luck luck good!

OMG guys i really have no idea what top really say pls dont read me. if you're reading me it means you're ugly hey ugly dont read me i hate you so much u ugly

Created by: YoWorldian

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  1. I've never seen a diamond in a _____?
  2. I've Cut my teeth on wedding ring in a _____?
  3. And im not proud of my ________ ?
  4. In torn up town no post code _____?
  5. And everybody's like gold teeth grey _____?
  6. Trippin in da bathroom bloodstains ball gown trashin in _____ ____?
  9. What do you mean? __ __
  10. tghjtyhhjjh
  11. fdfgfgfg

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