Rock, paper, Scissers

There is the classic game of rock, paper, scissers, and this is just a little quiz to have fun and play virtual rock, paper, scissers! I hope you enjoy my quiz!

Can you win at virtual rock,paper, scissers? Now you can play it and see If you will Beat me, but I have a feeling we will tie! Soon You will find out!

Created by: l8rg8r23

  1. Ok so you will pick which one you want!!
  2. ready?
  3. rock Paper or scissers?
  4. ok well now ur done and can skip to ur resalts!
  5. rate?
  6. comment?
  7. take my polls at l8rg8r23 ?
  8. Ready for your Resalts?
  9. Are you sure?
  10. bye!

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