Rigged quiz :) so yeahh

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So uh hi this is rigged and if you get 100% your first try I’m just gonna be- like speechless like just wow but if you don’t that’s okay!it is a rigged

Quiz anyway! So um hru it’s just been really idk really anyway uh what are your pronouns mine are she/her uh so yeah I’m really bored rn and I got this idea from the user atticus

Created by: HoneyBee_Lover

  1. What was my original username?
  2. Favorite animal (only people who know be on roblox will know this)
  3. Favorite show?
  4. Let me know if you get 100% the first time
  5. It’s really _______ right now
  6. I have to 10 questions so uh
  7. Mr frond
  8. You like weirdcore?
  9. Who do I hate (only my friends are gonna know this!)
  10. Again my original username

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