Randomness Much..??

Hi People..!! =] Welcome To A Crusty Quiz Which Is All About Randomness... I Have To Write A Lot Of Stuff So Yeah But I Aint Gonna Put !@!@$!$#@%@%#@%#$^ And Junk Lol Tho I Just Did =P Uhh So Yeah Shnukkens

Are YOU A Thing..?? I Dont Know Just Take The GOD DAMN Quiz..!! Uhh Yeah So Do Yuuh Like Pie..?? I Does :) But Only Meat Pie I Dont Like Apple Pie Or Utha Fruit Pie.. Lol So Yeah Banana Princess Is Out..!!

Created by: Banana Princess

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats Your FAVOURITE Person In The World..?
  2. Do Yuuh Have A Peniis..??
  3. Ok This Quiz Aint That Random...
  4. Pick One That Makes You Happy:
  5. 1 + 1 =
  6. Banana Princess =]
  7. Some Asked Me If I Was Pregnant At Lunch..!! But Im Not Pregnant. =[
  8. Whats My Name..??
  9. TRUE Or FALSE: Snails Are Foocking Awsome..!!
  10. Third Time I Had To Log In...
  11. Did Yuuh Enjoy This Quiz..??

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