Random test :-)

Do you have what it takes to beat the random quiz it gives you a variety of questions that are super easy if you don't pass this test you are a guarantee second grader

Are you a genius do you have the brainpower to qualify the random star just answer these easy questions and BOOM!! Your a random star genius and awsome

Created by: jhai

  1. 4"¢0+1+40"¢0
  2. How many g's ghjkkiiuttffdxcgggggskkkksnsbggg
  3. Are the starches and sugars that provide energy
  4. What was Ptolemy's theory called?
  5. How many s's ghiknvcxdsdfhuijjjkkuytttrrffgvbnmkkjhh
  6. 0"¢0"¢0"¢0+1+40"¢0+1
  7. Finish the sentence Minny_________
  8. Finish the sentence Disney________
  9. Finished the sentence lighting ________
  10. Finish the sentence Fire______

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