random quotes from random songs

well i made this of of the numerouse quizzes i made in one day.. i am so tired of being a novice.. so im leveling up today..wish me 10000 puonds of good luck

oh.. one more thing.. the results doesnt matter.. the same thing is for all.. thanks a million for taking my quiz.. i kinda worked hard on it but its way too muck typing

Created by: scolionophobia

  1. "id never said id leave this city ,id never said id leave this town"
  2. and let the sun rain down on me, give me a sign, i wanna believe
  3. it was never my intention to brag, to steal it all awa from you
  4. i chime in with the havent you people ever heard of, closing the god damn door
  5. im awake and trying. and youre sleeping like a baby beside him
  6. i've got more wit a better kiss a hotter touch a better f---
  7. its nine in the afternoon your eyes are the size of the moon you could cause you can so you do
  8. we'll leave the cold from where we came from, our lonelyness will keep us warm
  9. i think that i've had enough,i think ive had enough of you
  10. and you had i coming youre insecure.. dont know what for youre turning heads when you walk through the door

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