R u crazyyy Funnny

This quiz is like so random quiz and your relsuts willl have very long worrds and dots 4 some of u sojust try not 2 look dumb when u get your results it is just easyer 2 just right dots anyway take it and we will see

Havvvvveee u took my other quiz like R u popluar or not and R u in luvvv with him (girls only) dud! ohhh and somemore but do this quiz and plzzz commmont +rate=s better results and The more ill make if u lovve my quizzes

Created by: narhacutie

  1. Lol
  2. Have u took my quiz freak or not? or......
  3. why did the man cross the road
  4. ok thouse qustions were like jk qustions now 4real do u think that u r funny crazzzaaa
  5. Have u ever been called the class clown
  6. True or false ok
  7. True have u ever won 50 bucks befor in a game
  8. What is funny 2 u
  9. R u Funny
  10. pick 2 words Freak or Freakish

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