Prey Pants Pump POV

You walk into an open field. Nothing but grass and the sky. You will be one of 3 of the unlucky victims that chance against a happy-go-lucky pink Ice Climber.

And yes, it's a she. She will bonk you in the head, immobilize you, and gather as much mustard to burst your pants. I hope your pants can handle the pressure, and it is said in more ways than one.

Created by: ToadTheSmartie

  1. You are one of the 3 unlucky victims:
  2. You are in an open field, and when you see Nana...
  3. Nana has trapped you. You cannot move. You yell:
  4. At the sight of Nana pulling a very large mustard pump, you felt...
  5. You can only look on as Nana puts a yellow hose in the front of your pants and turns on the pump, and you...
  6. Big hose bulges appear from the pump, indicating it's gonna be a long process for you. You...
  7. Nana says: "Had enough?" You will answer:
  8. Nana turns up the pressure of the mustard pump. Your reaction:
  9. Nana taunts you as she rubs your pants. You...
  10. Nana is going to finish you off for sure. You would feel the wrath via one of the following:

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