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right this is a quiz about Pokmon hope you like it if you like Pokmon you will like this quiz now there are lots of thing do to in Pokmon now try your best

Pokmon is a crazy game when you try to beat the gyms and catch them all some Pokmon are bad some Pokmon are good now let get on with important stuff love your Pokmon they will love you

Created by: liam shane lidbetter

  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!what type is swallow
  2. what was the first Pokmon game that came out
  3. how long has Pokmon been out for
  4. have you play Pokmon planet
  5. what starter Pokmon do you have in pokemon yellow
  6. is Pikachu yellow
  7. what year did Pokmon come out in
  8. who create Pokmon
  9. do you like it
  10. do you like this quiz

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