Pee Scenario| Do these to see what you would do then

You are on an airplane. Your husband is sitting right next to you. You have never peed in your pants. You might as well want to sit on a towel for this

You have to do all these actions. So if your husband forces you to drink two cups of water, then you must. Or else, you won't know what will happen if you were there!

Created by: skhan4

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  1. IMPORTANT!!!!!! Read description at top!!
  2. You decide to order a coke for you and your couple. You and your date drink it all up.
  3. All of a sudden, the flight attendant asked: "What do you want to drink?" You ask for a glass of water and so does your husband
  4. Your husband is squirming. He says "Babe, I've gotta go".
  5. Then you say, Babe, I've gotta go too.
  6. You are about to go to the bathroom when the seatbelt lights come on!
  7. You go to sleep. You have a dream about your husband telling you to let all go. You wake up, almost peeing yourself.
  8. All of a sudden, your husband starts pushing on your bladder. Do you start peeing?
  9. All of a sudden, you pee. All over the chair, everything. Now, umm... are you afraid your husband will make you pee?
  10. Now you start pushing your husband's bladder. How does he feel?

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