Pee Quiz of the Century 2.0 (boys only)

hello this is my first quiz so don't freak out if it is dumb. don't do this quiz unless you are willing to do EVERYTHING it says. dont forget to comment and rate.

okay to do this quiz you need to start only when you need to pee badly. diaper/towl in pants is recommended. this quiz could cause you to wet your pants so be prepared. have fun

Created by: Fundude10

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  1. Do you think you can make it through this quiz? if not you can pee now on two conditions one you can not pee all you have Half at most then drink a cup of water two you must go to a place that is visible from at least one street and at lest 7 houses then strip yourself naked and pee you may not get back in your clothes till you get home.
  2. Okay lets get started. push on your bladder hard. Lean forward and let out one tiny spurt then repeat this prosses three times.
  3. Okay lie down. stay this way for the next few questions. relax every muscle in your body exept your bladder.
  4. Okay story time. story one: Imagine you where walking down the street and you sudenly get the urge to pee you ignore it and soon it comes back bad. you know that if you don't get to the bathroom soon you will pee yourself. you franticly search for a bathroom but you don't find one finally you see a public bathroom so you run to it. when you get there you see both the urinals are being used so you run as fast as you can to the only stall. you run in and slam the door behind you. you se on the toilet there is a sign that says toilet out of order. you know that you cant wait any more so you just relax. you feal the warm pee sliding down your legs. It feals amazing to finaly relive yourself. you don't care about the peple staring at you. after all peple pee themselves all the time.
  5. Okay story 2: An extremely hot girl invites you to her party. you go and about half way through you realize that you have been drinking a lot of sodas and you really have to pee. you ask her where the bathroom is and she says upstairs first door on the right. you follow her directions and they lead to her bedroom. she comes in after you and says if you pee yourself in front of her she will kiss you on the lips she then hands you a diaper and says you can use it if you change in front of her. what do you do.
  6. Did you pee yourself on ether of the last to questions?
  7. Go drink 3-5 cups of water if you do skip question 13 if you drink 6-8 cups of water you may also skip question 15
  8. okay intermission. now you have a choice you may eather take off all pading and go pee infront of at least one person or you can get on a diaper and pee in it alot (at least twice) you may not take off the diaper for the rest of the quiz unless you are told to. and get so you need to pee badly again. if you do ether of these you may skip question 14
  9. Okay now get some underwear on and go in a bathroom and remove all clothes except underwear. sit on the toilet in your peeing position and pee some but not all.
  10. okay get a ziplock bag and fill it with warm water then place it against you bladder and let out one spurt.
  11. okay now look ap pictures of people peeing there pants. imagine the warm relief and think about waterfalls and dams bursting.
  12. okay pee a resonable amount so you can feal the warmth and press it against your you know what.
  13. Okay question 13 drink 7 cups ove water and pee one quarter of it out now then drink another cup of water
  14. okay now take off all clothes and gosit down on a couch or soft chair and put your legs apart and your hand at your sides. stay as still as a statue. YOU MAY NOT MOVE TILL YOU PEE THE CHAIR. AND I DONT MEAN A SPURT I MEAN A LOT!!!!!
  15. Get some water and drink it till you start peeing uncontrollably then drink as much water as you just drank you may not change.
  16. Okay you can now go pee but only in one of these places. one, a diaper that has been peed so much it will leak all over. two, the floor in front of the toilet three the bed four, your pants without anny diapers or padding of any kind. Five, naked in front of someone. Six, in a bucket don't dump it out for at least twelve hours. or Seven, in a small towl strip naked and let in all out in a small towl so it soaks through and spills everywhere then rub it all over your body. which did you do?

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