Pee. Peeing. Peed. Do you REALLY have to go?

Be honest. I hope you like this! Please leave a comment. Did you pee?[ that’s squirting for more than 5 seconds straight] what happened? If you peed, I hope it was a good pee.

If you didn’t, drink 3 cups and come back. I hope this helped! Keep on holding and peeing. This has to be 150 so..... PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAVE FUN PEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If you don’t have to pee, drink 4 cups. If you don’t, do that and come back in 25 minuets. If you have to pee,drink 1 cup and come back in 5 minuets. How ya feeling?
  2. Go sit on the toilet. Clothes on. Results?
  3. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being you u don’t need to go 10 being I am peeing now what are you?
  4. How long till you pee? ( I mean full on pee, not squirting)
  5. What are you doing to hold it?
  6. Story time! Drink 1 cup during this!: you are at the beach. No one is at allowed in the ocean due to reasons, your swimsuit is dry. You need to pee. You know it’s not going to be long till you can’t hold it. You look at your options. 1: lie down and build a mount in between your legs and pee. 2: burry your bottom half in sand and pee. You choose option 2, but realize you are about to pee. You find some sand and put it over your pee part. You let go. Ahhhhhhhh ..... sweet relief.... you never want it to stop. How does this story make you feel?
  7. Same scale as 3, what are you?
  8. Last question: do you want to pee or hold it?
  9. If you peed, were did you do it?
  10. If you pee now, how long do you think you would pee for?

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Quiz topic: Pee. Peeing. Peed. do I REALLY have to go?