Pee challenge HARD

DO you want to do a challenge? Well I have one, it will include holding your pee. Sorry if it's easy or something. I haven't tested this yet. Anyways, will you survive? Also, drink a few cups of water before you start.

To me, for some reason, a lot of people don't pass these quizzes. Mind me if I got that wrong but anyways, I decided to make one to see actually how much people pass these quizzes. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: SomeoneThat'sUnknown

  1. First how much do you need to go pee?
  2. Try spreading your legs and relax for 30 seconds. Just remember not to let go of your lemonade.. stuff.
  3. Act like you're pooping for 10 seconds.
  4. Just leak a little bit but try to stop it. How much did you pee?
  5. Think about leaking and getting you pants soaked and make sure you're on something comfortable like a bed, just relax, close your eyes. Have a friend to count to about 120 seconds and tells you you're done. How did you feel?
  6. Stand straight with your legs apart a bit and relax while listening to water sounds, have someone tickle the back of your legs. Do this for about 6 minutes. How do you feel?
  7. Almost there! Go take a cold shower. After when you come out don't dry yourself, how do you feel now?
  8. How much do you need to pee now? Scale 1-6
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Will you comment, rate, or both?

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