Hey everyone! Long time no see! This quiz basicly, explains stuff. Nothing important. Rate and comment. Should I start a new series? If sotell me the comments!

So I just RSVPed for a friend's birthday party,and I noticed something CREEPY! My voice is high when I talk to adults, then my voice is REALLY low when I talk to people my age, and it's medium when I'm speaking with my family. It's weird WEIRD.

Created by: Emma LAWL

  1. What is your age?
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  2. So I haven't been going on Gotoquiz for a while.
  3. And...
  4. My level...
  5. Got bumped down to a Junior.
  6. And I'm sad.
  7. So yeah.
  8. Sorry for boring you out of your mind.
  9. Um I'm not going to be writing my crappy Story. Cuz I'm the s---tyest writer.
  10. I might write something else.

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