My second shout out quiz

I must not write gibberish. I hate this. I hate you know what to do you want it was just thinking about you and your Dragon age of my life is my cat and mouses

V f ft d f2f yr s ::) gfs f Hz c.f. ::) j ::) f c.f. u ::) f2f j h f ::) k ::) ::) ::) bjh ::) xxx bn k gfs dh n f2f chi f2f ::) ::) ::) uhh bcc ::) f2f f h2f y

Created by: Etini

  1. Hiccstrid
  2. Sphinx
  3. Paige
  4. Dogsbuddy
  5. Paigequizzy
  6. S_N
  7. Silent_Night
  8. Beyblade
  9. Cheezit
  10. Swear
  11. Grampa Simpson
  12. Mistyraindrops

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