My pee stories!!!

Hello! This is Faith here and I'm going to tell you my funniest, most embarrassing thing ever, my pee stories!!! They are my deepest, darkest secrets, so tell your friends!!!

Everyone pees themselves once in a while, whether you're three or thirty three, it's normal! Please comment about YOUR pee stories!!! That would be appreciated so much!

Created by: primroseeverden5

  1. Ok! My first story takes place in Kindergarten! I was drawing a picture of Cinderella. I didn't wanna stop! So when I had to pee, I ignored it! Big mistake! Soon it was story time! We listened to a book for twenty minutes! I stood up on the rug and started doing potty dance, since I had a history of wetting, my teacher ran over. "Faith? Do you have to use the restroom?" I nodded and spurted, making a big wet spot on the front of my pants!!! The teacher told me to run, but I didn't make it! Pee ran down my legs and made a puddle on the carpet!!!! Poor me!!
  2. In third grade! I told the teacher I had to go to the bathroom! They told me I could wait. After waiting a few more hours, I asked if I could go again. She said no. At lunch time, I was leaking. In silent reading time, I spurted! I raised my hand and asked, no again! I told them it was an emergency, that if I didn't go right then, I would pee! They told me I could go, but as she was talking, I wet my pants. Really bad. The janitor had to come in and clean up the enormous puddle I left, but it felt sooooo good.
  3. I was hiking in the woods with my BFFs Haley and Lexi. I really had to pee, I tried squatting down in a bush, but my zipper was stuck!!! "Haley! Lexi!" I hollered after them, which they were ahead because they didn't want to see me pee in a bush. (Who would??) I ran up behind them. "What?" Haley said, turning around. "My zipper is stuck, so I'm going to pee in my pants." Lexi was horrified! "Oh! You can't!" She cried. "Wanna bet?" I asked sarcastically, Lexi covered her eyes. "don't Faith!" She opened her eyes. "Here I go!" Haley smiled. I smiled at Lexi, who's face had a disgusted look on it. "Oh! Please don't! Your pants will be ruined!" She whined. "I'll wash them" I said. I peed my pants, Haley laughed. Then, next thing I knew, Haley peed herself too! I giggled. "You do it!" We laughed to Lexi! "No! That's sooo gross!" Lexi yelled. "I will not..." Her voice was drowned out by a loud psssssssss noise, she looked down, Lexi had a huge, shiny wet patch on her jeans, Lexi tried to stop herself, but couldn't! It was so funny. When we checked back into our hotel room, everyone stared at us, but I didn't care. I was laughing too hard.
  4. I was in my sister's car, she was driving me to our hotel in California. We were on vacation. I told Susan I had to pee from the back seat, she told me if I peed in her brand new mustang she'd kill me. I was squirming like crazy. We were in rush hour traffic. And Susan was losing her patience. I climbed in the trunk, I took off my pants, and peed in there. When Susan found the puddle in there when she was home, I blamed it on the cat, buttercup, who was in the trunk, Susan believed me and didn't murder me after all, I was relieved.
  5. I was in my bed, comfy and cozy. I suddenly had to pee! I ignored it and went to sleep, but a few hours later, I really had to go, but my brother was in there and wasn't going to be out for a loooong time. I fell back asleep waiting, an hour later, the bathroom door was opened, but as I was getting up, I fell back asleep, the next morning, I woke up with wet pants and a relieved bladder!
  6. Yesterday, my brother locked me in my sister's room. I banged on the door and yelled, but he wouldn't let me out! I had a horrible urge to pee, so I took off my shorts, and peed on the carpet. Again, I blamed it on the cat.
  7. I was on a plane to England, I really had to pee, but we had to stay seated, so I asked the flight attendant where the bathroom was while potty dancing. She pointed to the back, i didn't make it. I peed all over myself and the floor, but the flight attendant was super nice about it, since I was only six.
  8. I was on the bus, between two really hot guys. I had to pee! Bad! I wasn't going to tell them! Before I could think of anything, I had wet the seat and the boys jumped up as my puddle soaked their pants along with mine.
  9. I was on the bus, between two really hot guys. I had to pee! Bad! I wasn't going to tell them! Before I could think of anything, I had wet the seat and the boys jumped up as my puddle soaked their pants along with mine.
  10. I was on the bus, between two really hot guys. I had to pee! Bad! I wasn't going to tell them! Before I could think of anything, I had wet the seat and the boys jumped up as my puddle soaked their pants along with mine.
  11. I love peeing myself!
  12. Please comment telling me YOUR pee stories! Goodbye!
  13. I'm going to tell you another few!
  14. I was watching Hunger games with my friends. There was a little problem though. I had to go to the bathroom!!! Really, really, really bad. The movie had an hour and fifteen minutes until it was over!!! I squirmed and bounced. "Do you have to pee or something?" Zoe asked, looking over at me. Zoe is new to our group with Haley and Lexi. Lexi laughed, "Faith has an unbelievably small bladder! She pees her pants all the time! It's so funny!" I held on to my 'place' and bounced. When the movie was finally over, I was spurting like crazy!!! "You guys, can I go now?" "Sure! But you'll miss the beginning of Catching Fire!" So I sat back down and held it. I thought letting out a little bit of pee would make it better, so I did! It was a long spurt, for five whole seconds. I quickly stopped as it made a wet spot. Haley noticed!!! "Faiths peeing!" She cried. Zoe and Lexi looked over. It was true, my little wet spot was now a medium sized one. I waited for the rest of the movie, and Mockingjay part 1!!! Now my wet spot was large!!! As soon as I got up, I was released! Pee started to run down my legs, so I sat back down. I kept peeing no matter what I did, so I smiled and enjoyed the moment. It flowed out, for thirteen minutes. Zoe laughed so hard she peed too!!! It was all over the floor!!! Haley started to pee, but stopped herself before there was a puddle, and Lexi laughed the entire time. I got up when I finished peeing, almost the whole couch was soaked. And so was I! When I got up, I started to flow again. I let myself pee on the floor. We all laughed, by the time we were done there were puddles all around us.
  15. The end!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Okay, last story! I was at school, and I really had to pee, like, I HAD to pee. I raised my hand to go, my teacher said no. I started to potty dance just minutes later, which led to a spurt, which led to a small wet spot, of course, the teacher noticed, she said I could when I finished my assignment. I finished it, and she said I could go, now my wet spot was medium sized. I potty danced out the door. The closest bathrooms were being cleaned, so I had to run to all the way to the other side of the school to get to the bathroom. When I got in, it was over, I peed on the floor. But I felt great.

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