My First Shoutout Quiz

This is my First Shoutout Quiz!! Did you make it into my quiz? If you did congatulations you must be a great friend...If you didnt and you are meant to be in it just leave me a comment!!

Thanks everyone for giving me such a warming welcome into the gotoquiz world! You are all amazing. Now take my Shout Out Quiz and keep looking out for Number 2!!

Created by: JellyBely26

  1. Hello :) Welcome to my first ever shoutout quiz!!
  2. Okay first up....... thomas20272 Thanks for being my brother.
  3. Second up is.......RainbowButt...we have had some good convos :)
  4. Third up is.....ello (aka Johnny).......He is an awesome friend and great to talk to when I am bored!!
  5. Next up is.......the swag (aka Emmie).........At first we had some disagreements but not we are good friends!! :)
  6. Next up is.......Hickssky (aka Sky)............We have had some good conversations and made a few threads together, she is a great friend!!
  7. Next up is.......Marceline 101.............We only have only had one conversation about being bored but I immediantly found that we could be friends. :)
  8. Thank you to all those people that I just metioned....You have all been amazing friends to me so far on gtq!!
  9. Sorry if I forgot you...If I did just leave me a comment and I will make sure you appear in my 2nd Shoutout Quiz :)
  10. Alright goodbye....Keep looking for more of my shoutout quizzes :)

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