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  • My answers in the order of your questions. I am happy with having 4 guys to choose from. I'm not vary picky about the names so no. yeah some competition sounds good. What about Ashley or Rachel

  • No no no no no NO. No competition. I'd just get jealous even if I didn't like the guy those girls are trying to get XD And yeah, 4 guys are good enough. Ashton, Rave, Ryan and Liam are my ideas of names :)

  • this is just a suggestion k. i think that if u could at least put one nice emo/scene/goth guy that had a sad life until he heard bout the princess and that made everything in his life change

    swagg chick
  • Names, well how about Lionel, Roy, um... That's it I guess

  • 1 sure, but make awnsers that aren't obvious so its more a compatiablitly test and make some that dont say who do you save you a. guy b.guy c.guy d.guy or uncle or something so we dont have to always say we love the guy 2 ryan and luke 3 no and 4 no please check out my quizzes the love story that is yours ty


  • one thing for guy names....plz don't use Andy!!!!!! that's my name even though ima chick


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