Magical choice quiz ( What element are you version )

There might be other normal ways to find out what element you are but who wants normal? With this quiz you don't deside. Fate desides! Rate or comment to tell what you think about this quiz!

If you take this quiz it is not your choice but it is fate's choice. Find out in a few minutes what element fate made you! Comment if you like this quiz!

Created by: Sofia
  1. Let fate deside. ( choose wisely )
  2. Let fate deside ( choose wisely )
  3. Let fate deside again sorry if this is annoying it's just fate desiding ( choose wisely )
  4. Let fate deside again :) ( choose wisely again :) )
  5. Fate's choice! ( wise choice )
  6. Choose one! Fate desides....
  7. Wise choice!
  8. Again choose wisely!!!
  9. Fate is near.....
  10. Fate is close to telling you the answer. Answer fate.

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Quiz topic: Magical choice quiz ( What element am I version )