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  • Finally one quiz that says I'm bisexual and I probably know why most quizzes say that I'm pansexual is, because I don't care about what a person looks like but I still care about gender because I'm only attracted to male and female but I don't care what a person looks like if they're male and female.

  • Your Result: bisexual beauty

    you have a great deal of love in your heart so you give it to guys and girls.you love men and women.many people love your sense of self worth. you probably have high self esteem

  • Your Result: lesbian lover

    you like sexy girls. great for you. you probably dislike men.women like you love other women and are very happy. women love you. you usually look on the bright side of life.

    Cool. Pretty accurate ;D
    @CHOSEN ONE: tl;dr

    Zetsu Girl 13
  • For some reason it said I'm a lesbian.
    I'm straight.

  • i got bisexual beauty which is exactly right

    ilove jb 15
  • I got Bicurious qt. I guess that's 'bout right. ^_^

  • bisexual beauty


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