lego sets and lego shows

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do you like Lego well then you will like this quiz but if you don't like Lego then you won't like this quiz but let hope you do like Lego but let go onto the paragraph

right so you read paragraph 1 but do you still like Lego well of course well done for take this quiz let see how well you did right rate this quiz if you like it thank you for taking it quiz

Created by: liam

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  1. do you like the Lego ninjago good guys or bad guys
  2. which charter do like in Lego ninjago
  3. if you like the Lego ninjago bad guys
  4. who train the ninja
  5. is Zane a person or a nindroid
  6. in season 5 Cole turn into a scary? fill in the blank
  7. do you like this quiz
  8. are you going to rate this quiz
  9. if you are going to rate this quiz how many star will you give it
  10. do you like Lego

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