Kewlest Kwiz!!!

do you wish to be as kewl as me? to be truelly kewl, you must pass this quiz. to be kewl you must be someone you is pretty friggin sweet. i hope you are kewl, so you can be like me. and if you aren't i am so sorry.

do you think you are the kewlest? are you sure you want to know. okay, well thanks to this great quiz, it will only take a few short minutes to discover you kewlness. good luck, i hope you do well.

Created by: KK

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  1. if you are swimming across the dessert in a wire-framed canoe and your front wheels pop off, how many pancakes are left in your ski jacket?
  2. if you see a dude and he is attacking some little old lady, what do you do?
  3. fi your breakfast decides to take over the world, what do you do?
  4. how cool do think i am? be honest.
  5. if aliens came to take over the planet, where would you want them to come from?
  6. the best time to wear a striped sweater is....
  7. if you are on an airplane, what s the worst thing the person next to you could be doing?
  8. whuf thjtgjjkda fjhjtj fuajtjkllsfieke f84938fjuvub8ajdf fjkdd jsfdu4j38 7fgu n7 ufjtr n 5 5hgu7 b7 hj ntg 5uj5uutn g 8e
  9. if your neighbor is a jerk what do you do?
  10. are you...

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