just take the quiz

i was bored and wrote a random quiz i think you will enjoy these random answer. omg just enjoy i made this just for you i am only going on cause i have to get 150 words

HAVE FUN i hope you like it *makes more than 111111111111000000000000000 accounts and takes the quiz get 0 on all of them then looks in mirror and slaps face*

Created by: LOL like im a tell u

  1. 2+2
  2. mark when to see Mary . Mary was not home mark left was he sad or not
  3. you pressed this quiz to take do you like it
  4. the dog walked 2 steps the cat jumped 5 steps.How many did the cat walk?
  5. what if you choose the right answer to this quiz and you passed
  6. do you like this quiz
  7. can you skip this question
  8. did you pass this quiz
  9. LOL almost done
  10. this is the final question What is 40+40-80

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