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  • I got up one morning and saw it was 9:00am! I had ten minutes before the bus came. I felt a desperate urge to pee. I ignored it. I made it to the bus stop just in time. On the bus, my urge grew. My bus was late!!! Ugh! I was forced to hold it! My second class was at the top of the stairs so I had to hold it in one more period. I had some free time between second and third period so I RAN to the bathroom. Only to see a long line leading to the bathroom door. Not one of the girls were potty dancing like I was. I held off all the way until lunch. The rule was we had to finish our food before going leaving the lunch room. I didn't finish in time. I was absolutely DESPERATE! I felt a little spurt trickle out. Quickly, I stopped myself. We had an unexpected fire drill in fifth period. By the time we came in I was so desperate that I had a minute, tops, before I peed my pants. I was about to raise my hand to ask when I realized that if I moved my hand from my private, I was going to wet. Suddenly, it all flowed out of me. I smiled with relief.

    • My bladder was extremely full and bulging

  • when l was 6 l was invited to a birthday party at a climbing place with a Cafe. After a while l needed to go pretty badly but it was time to cut the cake. I love cake. I can wait. I thought. I sat down. While we sang happy birthday l couldn't wait any longer but l had to wait until after presents. When l was about to run to the bathroom the birtgday girl said we were going to her house for the sleepover. I went with them. She lived really close to the place thankfully. As soon as we got there we went inside. I was about to go pee but we were going to have a dance party. I forgot l had to go until my favorite song came on. Pee ran down my legs.

    Ana Cortes
  • All three of my diapers are now filled with piss, s---, and SO much come, I couldn't stop myself, it felt so good

  • Aargh seungmin is in the bathroom showering ( he always takes super long) and i feel like im gonna explode!


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