there are many smart people,but few ture geniuses.genius is,afterall,quite exceptional.what is a genius?a genius is someone who has an extranrdinarily clever mind,i fun takeing my quiz

are you a genius?do you have the brain power to qualify for that prestigiou title? until now you could only wonder.but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minurt you will find out.have fun takeing mh quiz.

Created by: SUB_ZERO

  1. What are you going to have at the party?
  2. What time is you party going to end?
  3. If thay make trash sre you going to clean it up?
  4. Are you going to have a good time?
  5. Are you going to have?
  6. Are you going have your mom in dad?
  7. Are you going to let people kiss?
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. bye
  10. ........

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Quiz topic: IS my PARTY COOL OR NOT!