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    I am peeing, water circling around my weak legs as a warm river makes a spiraling spot on my light skinny jeans. My private part is in heaven as my bladder empties like a bottle of water. My private part is warm and welcoming this nice creature as it steps out like a baby being born from his mother. I cant tell you the feeling of this , but its like if you filled your private part with warm water and let it all soak out like sqeezing a sponge. I was on a long day at work and this cheered me right up. I did it with my husband who is a n adult baby and he had so much fun as well. I listened into the diaper as a song of pee rattled a welcomed into his diaper. After 2 minutes the diaper was leaking and he was crying because it felt so nice.

    • Lol my aunt did this

    • Its my old account

    • WHAAA????!!?!?!!?!!?!? ;) LAYGHING AND PEEING


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