if You take this quiz you will get Cancer!!!!!!

Why did I do this? Just looking back at it I regret every thing, this was only meant to kill one person with cancer, but nope. Everybody just need to go and get cance don’t they?

And they the KGB hunts me down and done what’s me head with a toy Key!!!!! And worst of all these people make you go on and write like ten pages worth of poo poo on these!!!

Created by: Nathan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is the most famous super hero, in the world?
  2. Who was the first presidentè of Guadalauba?
  3. How did Wallaby Wallaby 7 start?
  4. I Like Trains....
  5. HE HAS A GUN!!!! PLEASE (Gunshot) SHUT UP PERKINS!!!!
  6. What do you think about... timelines?
  7. I’m spartican!
  8. It’s, uhh, simple we just, uhh, kill the Batman...
  9. O MA GOD!!!!
  10. I was watching some he tied, in the work computer place, so don’t hesitate, just *********** course those japs really are the master race?????

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