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Okay, sorry to bother you but I've got an important thing to say so go look at the questions because that's all I'm gonna say up here. bananananananananananana

nanananananas are yummy!!!!!! okay, if you're reading this go look at the questions and not me making a fool of myself. elephantssssssss!!!!!!! monkeyyyyyy!!!!!

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Okay.. so I'm writing a new series called Jungle Explorers. (Still a love series.) It's about two lost jungle explorers who fall in love. And that's all I'll tell you for right now. Continue to the next question.
  2. I would like character suggestions. e.g. Names, descriptions, personalities, whether they are human or animal or what. Continue to next question.
  3. I realized that the reasons I considered my stories bad was because I didn't have help with them. So that's why I need you.
  4. That's all I wanna say.... but I have to have ten questions... so, please tell me in the comments what you'd like them to be like.
  5. …………………….
  6. lololololol you can leave if you want to...…………..
  7. something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bye...………………………. or hi
  9. did anyone stay to read this??????
  10. that's all.. so leave if you haven't
  11. if you stayed for this... then yay and now receive a good, hearty thank you.

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