If you know me you would get a 100% on this quiz

This is for people that want to try to get a 100% on this which means if you do you probably know me or just guessed and it is your lucky day. Remember to try my other quizes soon.

So try your best on this quiz and don't keep guessing the answer which makes it more likely to fail. So good luck and be careful about what you choose.

Created by: Cheetah

  1. Who is Cheetahs crush
  2. What is Magic like?
  3. Who is Cheetah
  4. How did Magic's Dad die
  5. Who is treasures mom
  6. Who is Cheetahs friend
  7. The creator of Pet's Life based on this quiz is
  8. How many hello kitty's are in the hello kitty family
  9. How old is Cheetah?
  10. Favorite tv show of Cheetah

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