If you know me you should know these things

I don't really expect ANYONE to get 100% correct. But, hopefully you don't get 0%. I believe in you. Just try. Okay? Okay. The only people that might get good scores are good guessers and people who know who I am.

So, this quiz is mostly to see if you can guess things about me. But still, it can be tricky. So I encourage you to try your best and try not to get tripped up.

Created by: Weirdo Wolfie

  1. What is my favorite book?( not a series)
  2. What is my ambition?
  3. What are my favorite colors? (together)
  4. What is my lucky number?
  5. What is my favorite subject?
  6. Which Hogwarts house am I in?
  7. What is my favorite animal?
  8. What is may favorite instrument?
  9. What is my favorite superhero?
  10. Now, for fun, do you think I like cheese?

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