I will try to make you pee

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This quiz will test how strong your bladder is will you be able to withstand the test? See how long you can last without letting go completely. Try not to leak at all, if that’s even possible.

If this test isn’t hard enough for you feel free to add your own challenges while taking it. I hope you enjoy the quiz, so I will leave my comments short so you can get to it!

Created by: Savannah Montgomery

  1. How badly do you have to pee?
  2. Go drink a glass of water and then relax all your muscles for 20 minutes before coming back to the quiz. How did that feel?
  3. Now stand up and walk around a room without your pants or underwear on. Walk for 2 minutes, try not to hold anything.
  4. Now as you read this story act it out without peeing.Your in the middle of class, and all of a sudden you feel the urge to pee. You remember having to pee about 30 minutes ago but since then you had forgotten. It hurts to hold it in anymore, so you go and ask your teacher, but she says no. You go back to your desk and sit but you are holding all your muscles together trying not to let the golden river out of your pants. Before you know it your class is doing an activity so you have to stand up and jump around the room. Ouch! Your about to pee. You go up to your teacher one more time and tell her it’s an emergency, but she doesn’t care. You go back and try to finish the activity but it hurts to bad. You sit down and look at your bladder. It’s the size of a beach ball so you sit there and put your head down, and all of a sudden you feel the hot liquid flowing out of your pants, but you don’t care anymore, it feels so good.
  5. Now go drink a glass of water and relax your body for 10 minutes. Then stand up for 5 minutes with your legs spread apart. Don’t hold anything.
  6. Now go up to a table or counter and press your bladder against it as hard as you can. If you feel the urge to grab something grab the counter not your crouch. Don’t let it out.
  7. Now do ten push ups 30 sit ups and 40 jumping jacks. If that hasn’t made you pee just jump around without holding anything back for the next 45 seconds.
  8. If you haven’t peed yet, how much time do you think you could spend without peeing.
  9. Here’s a tip *if you sit in a chair or couch put one ankle over your other knee this will relax your bladder!* I hope you enjoyed this quiz. This doesn’t effect your score
  10. If you thought you were done, your not. Now take off your pants and sit on the toilet, relax let it all go for 3 seconds. But stop it before it all comes out
  11. Now you are done! Yay. Please rate and comment this quiz

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