I will not be continuing Paranormal World

Well I am so sorry to all the people who liked my quizzes so I hope you all enjoy my new series call Twisted. I will be starting this series today so if you have any ideas on characters or themes just let me know in the comments

I will be starting Twisted tomorrow instead of today so people have time to give ideas in the comments and stuff like that. I hope you all enjoy my quizzes.

Created by: RayRay

  1. Bad News I am soooo sorry to anyone who liked my quizzes but I will be discontinuing my Paranormal World seires.
  2. Good News I will be making a new quiz I have gotten inspiriation! If you want any of your charecters in my quiz make sure you leave a detailed comment
  3. Thats all i had to say so....
  4. yah
  6. ..........
  7. .,.. i need 4 more questions so dont expect anything exciting
  9. potatoes
  10. last question so byeeee

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