I will make you per (impossible version)

Can you suvive me evil wrath of making you pee I will make you pee 2 coming out soon suffer painstaking minutes of desperateness to suvive will you MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Do you have the will to beat me to even make the first questions you might as well see if your bored because this is a true achievement I will make you pee 2 coming soon

Created by: Jack

  1. On a scale 1 to 10 how bad do you have to pee
  2. Are you doing anything not to pee
  3. Go in to your shower and have a quick cold shower do you need to per more
  4. Story time Your camping with some friends when you feel the need to pee but your having fun swimming in your wetsuit you get out and walk to start a hike 10 minutes later a squirts fights it's way out and you decide its time you try to unzip the zipper the zip gets caught you start to panic as your friends watch you squirt like crazy until a vast golden stream that feels heavenly as you sag cowering from your (old) friends
  5. What does the color of yellow bring to mind
  6. Imagine a waterfall sending loud streams of water
  7. Do 150 jumping jacks how do you feel
  8. Find any water sound you can and play it how do you feel
  9. Sit on the toilet for 1 min how do you feel
  10. Lay down spread your legs and tickle yourself did u pee
  11. Pee your pants how big is it

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