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  • I already have next to no bladder or bowel control, and even though I'm a 15 year old girl I still need to wear diapers and flood them every 5-10 minutes, I've got such a baby bladder. I was wearing 3 diapers when I took this quiz, but since even the tiniest thing can make me piss straight through a diaper and soak my pants, like a tiny bit of tickling, or a tiny jumpscare, and BOOM, my pants are soaked and there's a huge lump of poop in my diaper. Because it's so easy, this quiz made me completely soak all three diapers, my pants, and make a huge puddle on the floor, all right in front of my friends... It also made me fill my diapies with so much poop they overflowed, and now there's a huge brown stain on my pants... So embarrassing, and it felt so good I came right through my pants, a huge squirt that all my friends clearly witnessed. So embarrassing, but it felt so good... Even thinking about it made me come in my new diaper just now, oh it's so sticky, I need to change...

    • its super irresponsible to tell people to drink 20 bottles of water. that much water in a short time span wi kill you

  • I peed EVERYWHERE! This is fun!


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