I will make you pee (Impassable not to)

I don’t know what to say but I hope you pee!! Also make sure to tell me you u did in the comments Good hop and I don’t know what to say so happy birthday day Bobby your cat is sad and you car is broken

Good hop and I don’t know what to say so happy birthday day Bobby your cat is sad and you car is broken so yeah I’m only kinda sorry but I love dogs so heyy not hunny I Ben was the one I gotta was a little weird I gotta go see you

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  1. How old are you?
  2. How baldly do you need to pee?
  3. Story time!You are at your grandmas house and need to per bit ignore it. After a while you and your family start eating and you realize you need to pee and can’t hold it anymore but if you stand up you will pee. You slowly scoot forward on your chair until you can’t anymore, you slowly pass the Turkey to your mom and then start peeing as soon as it hits the floor you realize it’s not carpet and it’s tile. As it hits the ground you try to stop and try but after 5 seconds of trying you realize it’s useless and know you are in trouble, lucky for you your uncle is talking very loins and know one hears. Once you stop you slowing scoot back into your chair and eat and drink. Then you realize you need to pee again but everyone goes out side and into the pool.... you have to get in and start to pee. But stop so fast nothing happens you run inside only to fine out that someone is in the bathroom so not you don’t know what to do. You run downstairs into the bedroom jump underneath the bed and pee your hearty out hoeing knowone comes in but, someone does your uncle walks in and starts taking a nap on the bed you stay there so long and he leaves and you realize it’s been 2 HOURS you need to…
  4. Go take a shower and when you come out just stand there pressing your bladder.
  5. Go get a glass of warm water and pour it on your ankles
  6. Break time!! You can only do one of the following now
  7. Take off everything now Sit in a room (any room) on the floor Imagine you peeing your heart out and just Getting so warm and wetWhat happened?
  8. Go drink anything but drink a lot of it
  9. Tickle your bladder
  10. This is the end but now you only can do two things

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