I will make you pee! (HARD)

Hello! This is a quite hard pee quiz, but not impossible!I hope you enjoy! Note:I would really appreciate if you didn't skip any of the questions, this took me a while to make.

Also, I bet that unless you have a netherite bladder you'll end up failing this quiz and peeing atleast a few drips. I wish you good luck on the quiz!

Created by: Anonymous

  1. How badly do you need to pee?
  2. (No effect on Result) What if I told you that you weren't aloud to change for 2 hours AFTER the quiz?
  3. Drink two glasses of water and then come back.
  4. Activity: Lay down on your chest, spread your legs as far apart as you can, and put your fist into your bladder. Do this for 5 seconds.
  5. Sit down, spread your legs out as far apart as you can, and put you first into your bladder. Do this for 10 seconds.
  6. Drink 3 cups of water and come back.
  7. This is really tough. Wait 5 minutes after the last question.Then don't hold or go to the toilet for 2 minutes.
  8. Now, If you still have to pee, you have 5 options.
  9. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU SKIPPED THE LAST QUESTION. Task:Step 1: Get a pack of diapers your size.Step 2: Wear Diapers your size for 2 Years or more.(And keep getting them)Step 3: In the comments, Show a pic of you in a soaked diaper. (Or just tell us about the experience.)Step 4: You have to pee yourself EVERY TIME that you have to in your diaper.Step 5: finally be done. (Or do it forever.)
  10. Will you comment?
  11. Remember, You can't change for 2 HOURS!

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