I was Bored so Heres a Quiz

I decided to make this quiz just because I was bored. Answer all the questions honestly and the result will be what punishment you deserve. Comment your punishment and the description.

Each result consist of a punishment, and a pair of underwear with a bra which will be the only clothes you wear while being punished. Share this quiz with your friends so long as they don’t mind the results.

Created by: Alexander

  1. What color underwear are you wearing (Primary)
  2. What color underwear are you wearing (Secondary)
  3. If you could give one person a wedgie who would it be
  4. What wedgie would you give to the person you just picked
  5. Truth or Dare
  6. If truth, is it true you once wore someone else’s underwear
  7. If dare, I dare you to give yourself a wedgie
  8. If truth, who’s underwear did you wear
  9. If dare, how did your wedgie feel
  10. You see someone with their underwear sticking out. What do you do

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