I want to shout out 2 peeps!

Hello!!! I am DogsLover (Sophia the truth or dare girl. I also made other quizzes like are you girly girl, tomboy, or both, are you a geek, and which Beverly hills Chihuahua are you?)

I want to shout out...not one person...but....2 people!!! And guess what? They are dogsbuddy and Beautiful123! One of them I am friends with, the other one, I am not.

Created by: DogsLover

  1. First, I would like to point out dogsbuddy. She is my first and only friend on GTQ. She is SUPERnice to me.
  2. Next is Beautiful123. I am not friends with her on GTQ, but I want to be. She seems like a cool and nice girl.
  3. Ok, there are other people I want to be friends with but still.
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