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  • Something probably happened on Thursday to put him in a gloomy mood, and he could've missed school and your party on Friday for simple reasons. Maybe he was sick or had plans already. He seemed to be being pretty nice to you Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I don't doubt that he likes you at least as a friend, if not more. Good luck!

  • It is weird that he missed your party. He obviously had something going on Thursday and Friday because he talked to you the whole week and stopped the last couple of days. Don't be so hard on the guy. Just ask him "Hey, I noticed you weren't at my party. Is there something wrong?" Say it playfully but concerning at the same time. Was he kind of gloomy and distant on Thursday? Something probably happpened.

  • Sounds kinda odd. Perhaps he's just debating with himself. I mean, it seems like he likes you. I think you should ask him about it, but be nice at the same time. There's always something about people that you never know until you ask. Good luck!

  • Confront him :)

    I'm sure he didn't mean to miss your party! He probably had something going on.

    Just ask him.
    Hope you take m advice!

  • I have five theories of why he missed.
    1. He was grounded
    2. He was sick
    3. He forgot
    4. He was on a date with a different girl
    5. He was at a different party

  • Yay your going to tell him finally girl power(im wearing a braclet that says that) he will respect you more for being stragite forword with him

  • he probably just didn't feel like talking Thursday ^_^ it happens...

    wait, I 4got... YOU like him, right?

  • Sorry im late XD but to me he most defenetly likes you! :)

  • @yellowbell Yes I like him, but am confused as to what his feelings are.


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