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  • CONCERNS? Oh I have concerns.

    You can't just QUIT story-quizzes. Do you know how much of a wonderful writer you are? You need to keep writing; have faith in yourself. I know it's tiring but please, continue. It would mean a lot to us gotoquizers, especially since we're all going through a hard time with everyone leaving and such. :/

  • You can still look on Wattpad. I'm writing on there too. Right now I need to actually write a short story for my English class, which might be turned into a longer story later. BTW, what story do you want me to update first?

    elf maiden
  • Aria, I suppose I might just be temporarily stopping. If I get any new ideas I will defiantly write them down, even if I don't use them. I might be able to write again soon, I don't know.

    elf maiden

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