I can make you use the pee. (i'm bored so i made this)

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Created by: Tremendus of Canva
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  1. Drink 2 glasses of water or any other thing.Then set a timer for 15-21 minutes.Then come back, spread your legs out and think about water splashing down against the water. DONT PEE THOUGH!
  2. Imagine this:You were in school taking a test when all of a sudden you need to pee. You politely raise your hand to use the bathroom, but you knew that it would take a long time to answer, because the teacher is not very nice. You hesitate a little to go up to the teacher, but you do it anyway since you had to pee! You politely say "May I use the bathroom, Ms. T?" expecting her to say yes but she just says no. You are forced back to your seat. Everyone laughs at you. This gives you a higher chance of peeing. You hold it for exactly 18 min 34 sec 819 ns (nanoseconds) and then a soft PSSSSSS sound fills the air.
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how bad do you need to pee right now?
  4. Go and sit on the toilet. With your pants and underwear down. DO NOT PEE YET! Then now push as medium-ish as you can. Let it go for 3.50 seconds You may need a stopwatch on your phone for this.
  5. Put your underwear and pants back on. Now do 25 squats. And relax! Think about warm, yellow liquid flowing down your legs...
  6. Read this: You were walking in the mall, looking and buying all the cool things you can buy. When suddenly... You needed to pee and instantly. Luckily you held it for a good tremendous 27 minutes until then, It started to hurt. You rush to the bathroom and you see a LONG line. You hesitate, but you shout "MAKE WAY! I NEED TO PEE CAUSE I AM THE "PEE PEE KING/QUEEN!" Everyone starts to laugh but they obey your orders. You make it in time and you are proud of yourself. (good ending.)
  7. Drink 10 gulps of water, then press your crotch against a table or anything flat and hard and big. (no, not paper!)
  8. Now, how bad do you need to pee?
  9. Now pee. But you can only pee where you currently are. If you are not on a toilet, you are forced to pee your pants :D
  10. THX for playing.
  11. Oops forgot to say bye...
  12. and hi...
  13. Hello!
  14. Bye!
  15. Time for my top 6 cat puns!1. Sourpuss cat says "be paw-sitive!"2. Right meow it's nap time!3. Gotta put my thinking cat on!4. Cat puns freak meowt!5. You have a good 'cat'itude!6. I am eating an avo'cat'o!

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