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  • Nice job go to quiz I have full underwear now and enjoying it so far I will continue to keep popping in my underwear for now on it feels good that warm sensation in my underwear I never thought I would be doing this at my age I'm 49 years old and I love to poop in my underwear now thank you for this

  • My diapie is so huge it's lifted me off the ground! It feels so good to just bounce up and down in my super stinky mess! So much leaked out of my diapie as well! Ahhhhhh it feels so good I haven't stopped comeming for 5 minutes now, it just keeps coming, it's started to leak through my diapie onto the floor, and now there's a puddle of come as well as so much poopy! Ooooo more poopy is coming into my diapie! It's so waaarm, I can't stop! Ooh it feels so good, I'm too weak to get up! Oooh there's pee coming now as well! AHHH IT'S SO MUCH I'VE ALREADY PEED 2 GALLONS! Ooooh it feels so good I'm gonna come again! Everyone thinks I'm weird, cause I did this in a public park, but even though it's SUPER embarrassing it's still so fun to play in my stinky mess!

  • Noce quiz j pooped so much my diaper is leaking o pee made a hulge bulge and smells bad and I did this in a public park and people think I am weird but I tell them I can't hold it I got a condition and I bummed in it at home


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