I can make you poop

Take the quiz or you are a dumb, stupid baby. You will never want to use the toilet again! You are cool if you do this quiz. yay! Qwerty the only thing that would make me happy if you do the quiz.

The only one that is not a tissue. I don't think you should have a great way to the gym today and it is not the same thing that would make me happy. Just do the quiz. It's down there!

Created by: Greyson Montgomery

  1. You should probably wear a diaper if I can make you poop. Now push hard on a flat surface
  2. Now push harder standing up.
  3. Now act as if the urge is stronger.
  4. Push light on the toilet with no pants.
  5. You now with clothes, push extremely hard on the toilet for 20 seconds.
  6. Go downstairs and eat leftovers and come back.
  7. Now push the poop out In your pants or diaper if you haven't pooped yet.
  8. Sing this ---> there is 💩 In my pants. Poo in my pants, poo in my pants. Poooooooooooo in my pants!
  9. Pussssshh..... Hard OR go eat more leftovers.
  10. I made you poo! Is it true?

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