I can make you pee (girls only though)

So... you think you have to pee? Try my quiz and find out if you really do, make sure to tell your friends about this quiz and rate/comment! Good luck!

There are many quizes like this, but do you have the guts to take this one, I recommend you go to a bathroom or stuff your underwear with a pad and toilet paper, and lots of it!

Created by: Savanna

  1. Do you really have to pee?
  2. Ok, so start by taking off your pants and underwear and go to your bathroom (be prepared)
  3. Alright, sit on your toilet and spread your legs, relax every muscle in your body, especially your legs, did you pee?
  4. Now sit on the toilet and read this while pushing on your bladder... You and your best friend are out in the middle of no where and you really need to pee, but there are no bathrooms nearby, you search through your bags trying to find sometings you can pee in, you can't find anything but an extra pair of shoes so you decide to go into the woods that's about a mile away, when your about halfway there, you feel a rushing warm liquid running down your legs, your happy to finaly get that out of your system, but your afraid your friend might make fun of you so you walk into a nearby pond to make the rest of yourself (so he/she might not notice) where you pee more. Did you pee?
  5. Now try sitting over an empty bucket naked. Think of nothing but water, warm water. Did you pee?
  6. Sit on a cold surface naked for 5 minutes, when done, sit over a toilet and pour a cup of really warm water over your crotch, did you pee?
  7. Have you peed yet?
  8. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  9. 2 more questions!!!!!!
  10. Bye

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