Think of waterfalls.... And hot yellow liquid!!! Think of a horse peeing!! (Lol horses pee a lot okay?!) Now think of a horse peeing in the WINTER!!!


Created by: HI

  1. Okay lets get this thing started!!! So lets get right down to buissness. When you take these quizzes do you normally pee?
  2. okay have faith in me!! Drink two glasses of water please! How do you feel?
  3. Now that you have drank two glasses of water... If you have any, please drink some YELLOW apple juice! (If you don't have apple juice, just drink something else, or put yellow food dye in your water :P) How do you feel?
  4. Go sit on the toilet, and try to pee. But WAIT! Don't actually pee. How do you feel now?
  5. Okay have to more glasses of water for me would you? How do you feel?
  6. Now story time!!! Okay so you drank ALOT I mean ALOT of soda before you went to bed (Already I need to pee!! I dunno about you!!) Your laying in bed, and you just got comfy... But you REALLY have to pee... Your put your hands down there to try to hold it, and you fall asleep. Okay you wake up, and your squirming, and twitching, you got your hands down there and everything... You know if you move that you'll pee!! AHHHHH! You get up and take a step.... NOOOO!! You feel something warm and wet in your hands, and your leg!
  7. Nexttttt!! So your in the bath tub... Its sooooo warm.... It would feel nice to pee huh? You just let it all out ahhhhh...
  8. Pour water into another cup with water, and listen to the noise? Need to go yet?
  9. Drink two more glasses of water!!
  10. Put a towl underneath you, and take off your pants, OR just put on pants that you can wet... (This will make you need to go more)
  11. Think of warm warm, steamy yellow liquid.... Now, think of it running down your leg, WHILE drinking water.
  12. Almost done.... Go watch one video on youtuube that says it will make you pee. How do ya feel now?
  13. Cross your legs and act like you have to pee. (Even if you don't)
  14. Alright two more things... Go sit on the toilet while drinking water.. How do you feel?
  15. Okay go back to wherever you where, and drink a cup of water. How do you feeeeeel?!
  16. Did I make you pee?
  17. Wherever you are now... And do as I say. PEE YOURSELF!

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