i can make u pee lol

This will make you have to pee really really bad maybie even wet your pants so take this to test your bladder so come one give it a try. :-) :-P. ;-) =-O.

:-) ;-) :-P. =-O. :-[ O:-) :-\ :'( :-D. :-! :-$ :-( :' -( :-)) :-| :-{} :-* :~ :-P~ =:O.:-} ;-^) >:) (:V) try it please

Created by: Sadie Vance

  1. Do you need to pee now
  2. Drink 2 cups of water how do you feel
  3. Now imagine you are in the car driving from Phoenix to the famous waterfall(i dont remember the name it is something falls lol) with your bff and boyfriend both being boys you drink alot of water because it is extremely hot. Big mistake 30 min later you have to piss really bad and you cant pull over there is no rest stop for 5 hours what are you going to do? So u cross your legs hold yourself and you start squirming in your seat.You are thristy so you drink another bottle of water bigger mistake you have to pee twice as bad your badder feels like it is going to expolde no bathroom no place to pull over and you can't pee in a water bottle because you are a girl so you un buckle your seat belt take off your pants and underwear and open the window put your butt out it and let it flow peeing all over the side of your rentle car but it feels so good you dont care. Your golden pee just flowing out of you lasting for 5 minuets your badder emptie you stand up put your pants on and sit down explaning to your bf and bff what just happen. Then you continue on your way to the flowing beautiful clean wet waterfall
  4. Now push on your blatter for ten min how do you feel
  5. Now drink 2 more glasses of water how do you feel
  6. Did you pee so far
  7. Take off anything below your waist stand up spread you legs as far apart then relax all your muscles did you pee
  8. Now go to the toilet and act as if you were going to pee and relax what happened
  9. Relax imagine sitting on the toilet peeing letting it all out it gushing out of you like a river now do you have to pee
  10. Now pee for 2 sec only what was the result
  11. Now this quiz is done get a timer pee and see how long your pee is if you peed already click ....
  12. Did you like this quiz please rate

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