I bet you can get 100%

Hey it's sim here. It is a simple and an easy quiz. You can get 100% easily . I am so bored and I don't have any other ideas for quizzes so I made this

Are you a stupid ? :p probally not . Are you a genius ? I really don't know . But I know you can get 100% in this quiz. Yippie. Then why wait? Lets take it

Created by: AbantaZayna

  1. 1+1 equal to?
  2. 2+2 equal to?
  3. 4+4 equal to?
  4. 9x9 equal to?
  5. 4+5 equal to?
  6. 100-99 equal to?
  7. Re-arrange it. coisd
  8. yfltterbu
  9. 9+8 equal to?
  10. 0-0 equal to?
  11. It was an easy quiz. :p

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