I am bored/ the random quiz

Do not take this quiz. Cause I am just bored to death...are you having a great day? Cause if you are then don't take this quiz. If you are not having a great day then still do not take this quiz

I hope you do not hate the quiz... but do not take it. I am bored. Watch me mumble random words and you will know why I say this. You are a liar and liar you have a great time to get to know you not the other one.

Created by: LilBit

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. Leave now.
  3. I will start typing random letters if you do not leave now.
  4. L
  5. E
  6. A
  7. V
  8. E
  9. N
  10. O
  11. No!! It is not LEAVE no. Read the last letter! W

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