How well do you know the greek gods?

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How well do you know your Greek gods and goddesses ... we are going to find out! This is a quiz about the gods of ancient Greece.

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Created by: devilsdaughter

  1. What is Zeus the god of?
  2. What is Até the goddess of?
  3. What is Gaia the goddess of?
  4. What is Iris the goddess of?
  5. What is Nike the goddess of?
  6. What is Mania the goddess of?
  7. What is Plutus the god of?
  8. What id the name of the vengeance goddess?
  9. What is Hypnos the god of?
  10. Who is the god of death?
  11. I will have part 2 of this quiz out soon please comment and rate

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the greek gods?